If you are interested in a Training in Chi Nei Tsang, i am happy to teach you everything About it. For more Information, you can visit our Chi Nei Tsang page.

Preparation for students & practitioners of Chi Nei Tsang

1.The ability to develop, nurture and allow your own Chi to flow is a required skill of practitioners. Reiki is a highly recommended certification, and/or being familiar and formally trained in other types of bodywork. 2. Aspire to disallow your desire to impact and transform the person you are treating be more important than the love and joy you feel in practicing Chi Nei Tsang. Become aware of the ego through your meditation practice. Let the sequence become the meditation. Follow the sequence to the best of your ability to sustain the ancient healing tradition of Chi Nei Tsang. 3. Trust life deeply with an openness and acceptance of the perfection of the present moment. Understand with your heart that your environment is always supporting you in your own evolution, and that your clients will be your teachers. 4. Emotions are truly responsible for behavior. We don’t act according to the way we think; we act according to the way we feel. 5. Observing, listening and holding space for someone if oftentimes as important as the actual sequence. Healers become refined by the work they do on themselves and through their own experiences. 6. Chi Nei Tsang touches you in some way. You receive at least one session before you begin the training. Affirmation during a training: “I allow for integration space in my learning. My hands reflect the peace in my heart.”
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