Tantric Initiation Trainings

For Women – Jan 8, Mar 12

For Men –  Feb 12, Mar 26

Couples Work: PM for a session to bring tantra into your life as a couple


Tantric Initiation days will introduce you to the world of tantra in an intense day which will explore Tantric Yoga and why/how now, plus different elements of tantra training, from breast massage to yoni honoring for women, to ejaculation retention and moving from domination to devotion for men. Each one of these special days in the month contains a different theme and also aligns with the moon in some way. The group experiencing the training, men or women will meet again in a month for integration after the initiation process. You are welcome to come to all of them, as they can build in your knowledge of Tantra.

Satyama leads these trainings. She is an Osho sanyassin, yoga teacher trainer, facilitator and leader in authentic tantra and many types of meditation. Integrating her experience as an intentional  community leader, she teaches for the benefit of the collective, which is moving fast ATM.

Learn how to improve communication to receive what you can also provide, become efficient and effective with your designated tantric timing and approach life by embodying  tantric principles- ethics, love, freedom, dedication.

Topics Can Include:

  • Tantric Yoga
  • Taoist Tantra Techniques
  • Breast massage
  • Yoni mapping, womb healing
  • Ejaculation and energy cultivation and control
  • Tantric speak, vocabulary, methodology
  • Neo-tantric boundary work and authentic communication
  • Fear and limitation dissolution
  • Trauma identification and radical shifting perspectives

Satyama’s extensive experience with groups  has led her to specialize in emotional healing, and revival through meditation. She knows, teaches and lives  high states of consciousness, plant medicine learning, tantric massage for health, medicinal Thai and organ massage, cranial sacral and karsai nei tsang for the prevention of dis-ease. She has trained with the techniques of Osho, Taoism, Integrative Yoga, and teaches high level retreats in course format in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Take everything you think you know (about yoga, tantra and spirituality), turn it upside down, and begin a new journey of acceptance for the multi-dimensional elements that occur once you truly commit. Then learn what Tantra really is. Yoga can bring you there.

Please be aware of projections!
Open to Bliss and Satyama’s teachings are a true healing service not meant to resolve individual longings but to heal what is in dis-order on the radical path of self-love.

The foundation of Open to Bliss is meditation. Silent, active, or simple yet focused presence is really what makes something tantric. It is slow, respectful and from the heart. 

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