Don’t get me wrong. Classical Tantric Yoga doesn’t usually use a jade egg in the practice in order for it to be known as “Tantric.”

All yoga is Tantric. We are not having sex in this yoga class. Nowhere near it. We are doing classical hatha yoga.

Yoga using a jade egg is an experiment for me. As a lover of the Tao tantric arts and all the healing that has come from Tao Gardens in Chiang Mai and the work of Mantak Chia, I wanted to incorporate jade egg practice for women with yoga. I have loved and taught yoga for 18 years, always changing, evolving, seeing what in-depth practice can do.

It seems, in the few short months I have been doing this work, that yoga with the jade egg can have some profound benefits.

Many people don’t even know what a jade egg is so I can start here.

A jade egg ritual and also yoga practice is best done on full and new moons in order to really GO for an intention. 

If you know nothing about the egg, take some steps to know her: Get one. Online or in an alternative-offering place that maybe sells gemstones and moon-cups 

  1. Sit with it – look at its qualities, carry it around, make an altar for it
  2. Clean it (boiling is good and it won’t break) and then charge it on your altar, under the sun, or under the moon
  3. Do a ritualised practice to put it in your yoni (on your own or there are groups that do this and they are great!) Slowly and gently play with tightening and releasing your yoni in different places to start. You can build up what you do and also do weight training for the yoni after some practice. Slowly. Different stages of comfort. Don’t judge or resist…the real healing will reveal itself when you and she is ready.
  4. Leave it in for a few hours in the day. It will tell you when it wants out. Listen to her. Make sure there is a string (dental floss works well) so you can easily get it out and also don’t forget about it when you are pooping as it comes out easily then, for everyone.
  5. Sleep with it in and make an intention to dream with it in. Write this dream down immediately when you awaken.

When you have done many of the actions above, you may be ready to do a yoga practice with the jade egg which focuses on the bandhas during the practice. I am really enjoying teaching this kind of practice, my yoni is loving identifying all of its unknown parts, and I am learning the art of strengthening this part of my body and also relaxing it. Many times, I am going for MORE, when the real lesson for me is to do LESS, listen more and relax into the space, the breath, the integration and the Savasana insights.

You may expect to perhaps feel nothing at all when it is inside of you, and this is normal, just let it do its work. You can also work with a strong intention in this type of yoga class, for example, maybe your womb or your yoni needs healing from an experience (self-inflicted or with a man) and the egg can help with this. Most women have been entered sexually too fast in their lives and this action needs reversing and healing. Take your time to put it in there and REALLY listen to your yoni if she wants you to put it in at that moment. 

Along with mulhabhanda (the lock at the base of your body and where the egg actually is), also work with uddiyana bhandha (at the level of the diaphragm) as the egg can help with the subliming effects on energy in the body during yoga and pranayama as well as meditation practice.) The combination of a yogi knowing and working with the bandhas not only can have an impact on one’s menstrual cycle (such as less cramping, gentler flow, more energy and intuition during moon time) but it can also help other women around feel the energy of this work. Use the jade egg in a yoga practice (when you feel called) in order to heal the planet of the misunderstandings and pain that happens between men and women. We think differently, therefore our perceptions are different. I trust that use of the jade egg can go a long way for all of us to understand the importance of the sacred places in our bodies and what happens when they meet in real LOVE.

Take it out when the yoga practice if finished. Journal your intentions, your thoughts and your feelings. Journal the dreams you have before this kind of practice and also after. The benefits of using a jade egg are quite subtle but things can really change.

Jade is balancing, harmonizing, and revitalizing. It’s great for increasing vitality, doing healing work, and promoting (vagina) love. Jade is tough, dense and durable – it’s harder than steel and it will not break, and is not porous. You can also use an egg made of Rose quartz instead, great for bringing loving energy to your womb and for the cultivation for unconditional love and healing for YOU. It’s also good for connecting your heart and yoni, a lesson that we need reminding of many times, until the two really meet in ourselves. This is the work in radical self-love and what Tantra can truly teach women. Healed, tantrically aware women can alter the patriarchy, and the egg can get us there faster as a collective.

For a strong cleansing, black obsidian eggs cleanses and purifies, aids in letting go and releasing. Obsidian has an element of protection to it, so it can pierce through the veils of illusion that are there covering the truth to many sexual situations. It’s excellent for clearing sexual trauma, unsuited partners, shadows or past life karma.

Start slowly with the use of an egg and give it many chances. It can heal the relationship you have with your yoni and can sometimes be the only thing that can clear up things like candida, a prolapsed uterus, the inability to orgasm, and many other conditions we suffer from because of the mis-association we have with our sacred feminine spot.

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