What is Tantra?

Tantra means “to weave.”  We look at merging the masculine and feminine via classical tantric rituals and meditation, which teach about the qualities within us and in relationships with others. It invites an attitude of reverence not only into love-making and interactions in the world, by helping existence with a  “yes” approach to life.  Tantra is a vast subject with many perspectives. Transcend destructive patterns and habits and move into the heart to unify in sacred ways.

What is Tantric Yoga?

The body needs to be prepared for tantra through yoga, and the mind through love. Together, the spirit comes into full presence. Tantric yoga is a unique combination of hatha yoga, sublimation techniques, kriyas and tantric meditation.  Tantric yoga is an experience that combines focus and practice in presence by building energy for tantric encounters and all of life’s beautiful invitations.


Coming May 2019 – Tantric Yoga: A Modern Day Approach to Tantric Discovery

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