Chi Nei Tsang Training

Chi Nei Tsang, when done with skill and care can help with disorders such as constipation, menstrual pain, bloating obesity, and headaches.
It is a natural remedy created thousands of years ago by the White Shaolin monks in ancient China. It can also help with the negative emotions that also affect our health, attempting to rid the body of repressed emotions like fear, grief, or anger.
Chi Nei Tsang is a profound healing modality that has been made popular by Mantak Chia, the founder of Tao Gardens in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is a medical massage on the belly that goes deeply into the organs to release toxins, improve organ function, rid the person of lower level emotions and improve nutrient absorption. This profound natural healing sequence works sequentially deeper, moving from bringing energy to the system to help with digestion issues, fertility issues, and chronic pain in the area of the belly, to even more benefits with a sequence of sessions, some people have reported the revival and change in regularity in the woman’s cycle, to being able to be fertile (men) and full of stamina, to even wanted pregnancies and substantial weight loss.
The massage can also be used for support during fasting for quicker healing of organs in malfunction and eventually bring optimal health.
As it is performed, givers and receivers begin to come in contact with specifically where the organs are, their functions, and also the emotions connected to the organs. The technique moves into a place of embodied comprehension of the complexity of our systems.

This Chi Nei Tsang massage training is designed for your learning of our internal anatomy, how it works with negative emotions and how to heal with your healing hands.

 Easy-to-learn technique with a focus on the abdominal organs as our second brain and natural, Eastern abdominal massage for digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Chi Nei Tsang can heal dis-ease, cancer, stomach pain, and chronic conditions caused by suppression of emotions and thoughts, trauma, poor or fast eating habits, and negative thinking. The training will teach you how to perform this ancient type of massage (originally created by White Shaolin monks) to rid the body of suppressed experiences so that functioning becomes optimal. Chi Nei Tsang improves everyone’s health!

What you will learn in this Chi Nei Tsang Training ?

1. Tila touchpoints, pressure points and how to remove hardness in the  belly. Learn unique belly massage in Thailand and bring with you as a practitioner. 

2. The 6 Healing Sounds, the Tao as a way for healing and ways of cultivating and circulating energy while you give a session. 

3. The importance of Chi Nei Tsang and energy with fasting, detox programs in Thailand and for long-term health.

4. How to hold space for the receiver and how to prepare for protected interaction between the giver and receiver. You will experience what it is like to have both roles,  as we work on each other in the massage training.

Go deeper in your own process during the training to become  transparent between us. This will give a better feedback loop for learning  Chi Nei Tsang so that you can ask the right questions to get the information you need to be an effective practitioner of Chi Nei Tsang.

This training is also focused on the highest forms of healing – trust, ability, confidence.

Through transcendence and initiation on the alternative path, you can reach a new level of experience with massage. It is particularly beneficial if you already know some massage.


18,000 THB, Includes Manual & Certification

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