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Ha, ha, just a perfect experience in the retreat – thank you for glueing our group together and sharing so much wisdom.


I was so stressed before I landed in Koh Phagnan to do the healing and awakening yoga retreat with Satyama. I just did everything suggested, the meditation, the yoga, even tried some tantra massage and experimentation with communication through a great tool called forum. You could say that I am completely transformed…


The teachings in this recent experience in yoga and meditation are fantastic. Satyama has a great sense of humour, which lightened up my mood even when I felt exhausted by everything. It has taken my further on the path of love and self-development.

Tomoko, Japan

I has such a great experience. I didn’t think it was possible to learn so much in a short time, even though I know I still know nothing I am confident I can use the teachings here moving forward in my life, and I would recommend a retreat with Satyama to anyone in transition or needing a break from their normal life.

KarenTokyo, Japan

Satyama is the right person doing the right thing. Her passion to give knowledge and tools to others is clear. Inspirational yoga discussions!

KevLondon, England

Well, you made me want to continue on this journey. Love your confidence, humor and you are for sure not just a skilled and qualified teacher, but also a warm hearted person. Lots of gratitude for this retreat…

SanjaBerlin, Germany

Ha, ha, just a perfect experience in the retreat – thank you for glueing our group together and sharing so much wisdom.

BarbaraBern, Switzerland

Satyama is approachable, educated, informed, passionate, and the most enjoyable classes of my life were with her due to the energy she provides and environment she created.

KelseyMichigan, USA

Great classes are offered in the teacher trainings that Satyama leads. You have so much knowledge you pass on in an interesting and fun way. Your classes are very inspiring and always left me feeling enriched and uplifted.


Wow, I came to a retreat in Thailand thinking I was going to do a lot of yoga and lose some weight but I got a whole lot more when I did yoga, along with meditation. Open to Bliss retreats will help you look at things you’ve never revealed before, and you process, do incredible trust-building work, and come out feeling like a whole new person. I’d highly recommend doing something – many things with Satyama.


Satyama is a gem! In the yoga retreat I just attended, I really got to know her as a person, not just a yoga teacher. She is strong yet kind, intuitive and able to tell it like it is. A great yoga teacher and also Osho Therapist I believe. She knows how to lead a group in and out of all of our stuff, leaving us more free to be who we are! She knows how special we all are as well!

KerriTampa Bay, USA

I clearly remembered our forums facilitated by Satyama in our Yoga Teacher Training. How much courage it took to get in the middle and how valuable it was too. This experience makes it easier for me to relate to the patients.
I just wanted to thank you for introducing it to our TTC and hope that it is still part of the ongoing courses.

Rebekka Lehmann,TherapistPsychosomatic clinicGermany

I had a Chi Nei Tsang with Satyama. The inner shift was immediately present emotionally and by the next day I had the ‘real life’ parts sorted out. Very scary things I had to confront, all which went extremely smooth and lovingly!

Based on my personal experience, I would like to highly recommend her work.

Shannon McGill, yoga instructor

Satyama is a kind and soulful practitioner. I was in a lot of emotional pain at the time and her abdominal massage helped ground me; it brought me out of the chaos of my head into my body again. Chi Nei Tsang is pretty intense, and I highly recommend trying it out. The positive inner shift is worth it.

Andrew Golightly, Counsellor

I am inspired by your many types of bodywork, how you combine therapeutic healing and your potential to heal.

Rhea Bradshaw Brant, British Columbia, Canada

Satyama carries her gift of leadership to inspire expression in others. With her gentle and cheerful way of helping people heal from within, it is a sheer joy to be part of one of her workshops. I admire her authenticity.

Laura Horvat from the Tea Tree Cafe


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