Tantric Yoga Intensive Retreats

April 14-19 (20th integration) 2024   

Koh Phangan, Thailand

This retreat in Koh Phangan is a deep dive into healing, personal development/awareness and tantric practices. Develop presence and comprehension of the deeper mind-body-sex/spirit connection. Clear your subconscious and conditioning and evolve with natural health for greater satisfaction in LOVE.  Inspired by Osho’s work and Taoist practices.

Next Retreats:

June 26-July 2 at Essencia Retreat Centre, Algarve, Portugal

July 11-17 in the Black Forest, Freiburg, Germany

August 13-17 at ShantiSpace,  near Lisbon, Portugal


 Satyama and Open to Bliss

Online Yoga Practices 

 (also in person) 1-1

 Hatha, Sivananda, Yin, Tantric, Vinyasa for those who do not wish to practice in a group or are studying to become a yoga teacher

WA: + 66 658120500 


 Tantric Awakening Sessions 

Online Sessions and in person

Customized for your healing, love life and evolution via the path of truth and transparency in manifesting and having successful relationship(s).

Learn Taoist tantric practices and rituals to evoke a tantric partnership, erotic satisfaction, or developing better communication with partner(s).

Welcome to Open to Bliss

OPEN TO BLISS is a dynamic company offering  training for people wanting to learn about the disciplines of tantra, yoga,  Tantric Yoga and Chi Nei Tsang abdominal  massage.

Satyama Ratna Lasby is a world-renowned teacher with 20 years experience as a yoga teacher, CNT massage trainer and Tantra Teacher on the  Path of LOVE, a living inspiration for students to become great practitioners and ethical teachers in the business of educating the world in healing via meditation and self-development.

Her in-depth knowledge of the ways in which humans evolve adds to the community experience you receive in each group training, which is profoundly and authentically tantric, yogic, and healing as well as revealing of TRUTH.

Trainings by Open to Bliss

Hatha and Tantra Yoga Teacher Trainings, Chi Nei Tsang Trainings, Tantra Workshops and Retreats

Yoga ttc

Tantric Yoga Teacher Training

Massage training

Abdominal Massage Training


Tantric Yoga Intensive



Tantric Training for Couples & Singles (Online)

Upcoming Events

January 7-11, March 1-4

Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage

Certified training

11-2:30 each day

Koh Phangan, Thailand

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Book re-release: “The Tao of Tantric Yoga”

New chapters plus audio book version and kindle

Learn more

Online Tantric Awakening Sessions:

Wake up and Evolve into the relationship and contact you desire!

Online Tantra Sessions and counselling for women, men and couples! 

WA:/ Line  +66 658120500 to book yours 



Drop-in Yoga Practices 
Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa practices please check schedules online or send a msg for a fast response, +660658120500  +351968533268
The Tao of Tantric Yoga  written to describe how to become more conscious in our relating lives via the practices of yoga, tantra and meditation (one in the same). It is meant to help change the world’s outlook on love by allowing us to experience more sensuality and sexuality, free from fear, shame or projections onto others via “clear seeing.” also acting with integrity. It attempts to describe how to get out of  the “system” via the path of meditation, and into a better system.


This book has been written as a culmination of teachings and the spiritual lineages of Tantra and Yoga. These combined practices, rituals and information on healing and positioning the body can change your energy, appearance, mind, sex life and intimate relationship(s).

“Satyama is approachable, educated, informed, passionate, and the most enjoyable classes of my life were with her due to the energy she provides and environment she created.”

Kelsey DeMarco, USA

“I felt more open, alive, and awake coming out of my 200-hr YTT with Satyama than I have ever felt in my life.  She will teach you, lead you, inspire you, and transform you and your practice like no other.  I can’t say enough about her or what she has done to support the beginning of a new chapter in my life as a yogi and yoga teacher.”

Brian Pineal, USA

“The teachings in this recent experience in yoga and meditation are fantastic. Satyama has a great sense of humour, which lightened up my mood even when I felt exhausted by everything. It has taken my further on the path of love and self-development.”

Tomoko, Japan

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