Who Needs Chi Nei Tsang?

Everyone Needs Chi Nei Tsang, because at some point in life, there is stress. We work too much, we don’t have enough money, our relationship is failing, we are lonely, we are eating poorly and intaking substances like alcohol, cigarettes sugar or drugs. Infants even experience it as colic and teenagers experience it as coming out of their pores in the form of acne.

Why Detoxify Your Body?

In adults, the system gets clogged after years of stress and abuse with poor habits. The system gets toxic, people smell from body odour and breath, and also their skin suffers with pimples, wrinkles and dryness.

Chi Nei Tsang Supports Deep Detoxification Processes

When food is stuck in the intestines, it rots. It then produces toxic waste and gas, seeping through the intestines and into your bloodstream. This poisoned blood gets distributed into the internal organs and the glands. The most important organ that can clean the body is the liver, which is also the organ associated with anger.

Unless the anger is released, through catharsis meditations like Dynamic Meditation, detoxing or manipulating the liver physically, it will also get toxic and sometimes people suffer liver disease or liver cancer. A toxic system is a quick way to shorten life. This is why we wear gloves when we give the CNT treatment, so we don’t take on the toxins of the people we work on.

Some toxins are so dangerous that they require the body to send fighter cells to flight the toxicity. When the system gets overloaded and stop building on each other, it turns to what is known as Cancer. Then we are really in trouble and this is where most people make radical changes to their lifestyles.

How Often Should anyone Get a Treatment?

Other channels of elimination are the kidneys, bowels, lungs and lymph nodes. CNT helps stimulate these systems to allow for optimal function and easy elimination of wastes.

  • A detox is recommended once or twice a year.
  • A CNT treatment, which lasts 1.5 hours, is recommended once a month on a very empty stomach for effectiveness.
  • If there is a chronic problem, it is recommended in a series of treatments, with two or three days inbetween, five to ten sessions.

Chi Nei Tsang Training – What to Expect?

The training for Chi Nei Tsang generally takes four days, for 4 hours/day.

The training will give the background for the massage and why it is effective, anatomy of the stomach, how to position your own body and work on your own body for the health of yourself. We also cover protection for you as the giver, so that you do not take on the emotions or experiences of your receiver.

Day One:

  • Welcoming the client, getting to the issue(s)
  • Inform them of what you are able to do and how
  • Warming up the body
  • Pain point system / number scale
  • First half of the massage

Day Two:

  • Focus on the liver
  • Masculine and feminine sides of the body
  • Right side continued
  • Smooth transitions
  • To speak, when and where?

Day Three:

  • Left side of the body
  • Focus on the stomach
  • Unifying the massage
  • Going deeper, in the correct order for the body

Day Four:

  • Finishing the massage with Thai Yoga Massage
  • Cranial Sacral holds
  • Practical Exam
  • Feedback
At the end of the training, you will work on someone who has not received the massage in the past and also receive feedback from this person.

Upon successful implementation, a certificate from the International School of Massage Therapy is given to each student, as well as an assignment of sessions to give and receive feedback in order to become a practitioner of Chi Nei Tsang.

Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage

Emotions Connected to the Organs, Aliments and Pain

What is Chi Nei Tsang?

Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient form of healing coming from China, recently made more popular by tantric grand Master Mantak Chia of Tao Gardens in Northern Thailand. It uses the premise that all physical aliments come from negative emotions and that these emotions are stored in the organs and glans internally. By massaging the organs in the abdomen, the stored experience and the emotion has the potential to be released, therefore having the possibility to heal deep rooted and sometimes chronic conditions for the client.

The massage is used as support for the detoxifying process of the body. When the organs are at rest from the responsibility of digesting food as when it happens when a person stops eating, a deeper detoxification can happen in the intestines, liver, kidneys, etc. The manipulation of these organs can further release the issue that the person may have been holding onto for a long time in their lives, sometimes resulting in an emotion to come up while a session is being given or in the days after in the integration stage The following is an identification of what is inside our abdomen, what gets stored where, and how we might understand the importance of regular cleanse processes and maintenance via deep Chi Nei Tsang, which can magically boost the system to regenerate or heal via the intention of the receiver and skill of the giver.

Organs and Their Function:

Adrenal Glands

The adrenals are the glands that sit on top of the kidneys and are mainly associated with handling our stress. They regulate sugar and salt in the body by the means of the hormones cortisone and fludrocortisone. Problems with the adrenals can represent succumbing to the stress in our lives, not knowing how to deal with the stress or change the issue causing the stress. Stress comes from resistance and really has nothing to do with how hard you work or how many problems you have. Adrenal problems may mean that the path you are on is not the right path for you. Since you are fighting to stay on the wrong path, the burn out comes from pursuing a goal that isn’t right or easy for you.

Indications of adrenal insufficiency (know at times as Addison’s disease) are irritability, anxiety, panic attacks, anorexia, bulimia, sudden weight loss or seizures. The adrenals are associated with the function of the kidneys, which are associated with jealousy. When one is jealous, we cannot be happy with what we have in the moment as we are comparing ourselves with others.

Liver and Gallbladder

These organs are closely connected. Problems with the liver, congestion or liver disease is an indication of the person’s anger. Together with this, a person with unexpressed anger (suppression of emotion when it appears) is often known to be a person with strong emotions and for some reason, they are suppressing the anger, it could be in the form of passive aggressiveness or inflammation of the liver, which can cause sudden outbursts of anger thrown at another person if they are bottled up.

The gallbladder when congested represents a fear of inappropriate expression. In Chinese medicine, the gallbladder is the seat of courage. When it is detoxified, such as in a gallbladder flush, it can help a person make courageous decisions in their life, often resulting in a satisfying life.


The heart houses decisions based on what love would do, so its is important to have the heart, energetically speaking, to stay open in order to have one’s true essence revealed. Vulnerability helps us to really understand the pain of human suffering and when shown is beautiful. A heart by-pass asks whose love you may be by-passing.


The emotion of the lungs is grief, and this is why we often have coughing issues when going through a break-up or dealing with loss. There is also association with breathing problems like Asthma that can come up when grief is retained. Frequent sighing or breathlessness can also be a sign of suppressed anger or unsatisfaction with what is happening in one’s life.
Kidneys: At the physical level, kidneys filter out the “anti” in life. They house the emotion of fear and jealousy and are considered to be the root of all the other organ systems. This is reflected in the idea that fear is at the root of the other emotions we consider negative or limiting.


The pancreas is a gland secreting digestive juices through a duct into the stomach and secretes sugar regulating hormones directly into the bloodstream. The pancreas is most often associated with Diabetes, the body’s inability to process sugar. Diabetes is known to represent a denial of the sweetness in life. It may also represent a misplaced faith in one’s own ability to control the physical world. Given that the pancreas has a dual function (sugar and hormones), it reflects the duality of the universe. It has the ability to digest ideas and to extract that which is not only sweet, but life sustaining. A type one diabetic will not live long without insulin supplementation, and people lives less long if they are not celebrating life.


The spleen has the metaphysical function of transforming physical nutrients into metaphysical ones. It is also important to the immune system for fighting infections.


Metaphysically, the thyroid represents communication between the heart and the head. Problems with it, such as obesity can represent miscommunication between what one thinks and one’s actual truth. Problems with it can also be causing throat infections, representing an inability to speak up for oneself.

Cervix / Prostate

The sexual organs in women and men, where there are issues with either fertility, performance or pain can represent the person punishing themselves at a deeper level for inappropriately judged behaviours around sexuality.


Bladder infections or pain can represent nervousness or immaturity around the ability to “let go” in order to remain in the present moment. It doesn’t benefit, when nervousness comes into physical manifestation. This is why we need to urinate when we are nervous, and this is dehydrating. When the push is there to release, it’s a good indication to take a moment to see what is causing the holding. Same for constipation, and the massage can really help with elimination of toxins stored in the colon and in the lower intestines.


It is the skin that is the outer covering, holding things in and helping define our physical appearance. It is the first line of defense against invading organisms, which can penetrate is a person has difficulties with boundaries – both keeping in and keeping out.
Lack of balance between the inner and outer you results in rashes, boils, and also colds, flu and infections. Skin eruptions, even pimples, indicate long standing resentments not being expressed appropriately. Rashes represent anger and a struggle with heat – the system can’t cool itself when at rest as it is likely digesting events, so the person may need more rest and downtime. Itching represents dissatisfaction with the way things are going (eczema for example) or dissatisfaction with yourself. Invading organisms like parasites can represent a lack of discrimination about who you let into your life or into your body.
The above explanation on the meaning of the organs when they are not functioning optimally states that the body may need more than just regulation and digestion. Especially as we age, even greater care needs to be taken to purify and re-boot the internal system so that congestion doesn’t happen due to food, poor air quality, stress or a negative outlook on life.
A Chi Nei Tsang massage can work to eliminate toxins from the organs being held, leaving the receiver feeling more open, refreshed and perhaps even healed from the events of the past. Aggressive actions can be reduced and negative thoughts can transform.
When feeling like you are on a downward spiral, check out what can happen when you receive this treatment, even a series of these massages when there is chronic pain or health problems that don’t seem to be getting better. It’s a natural way of dealing with what goes on inside, without the need for operation.
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