Retreat into Bliss

I like it when people attend my yoga retreats. It tells me they are ready to take a deeper look into themselves, that they want to go a bit deeper, either into a yoga practice or simply on becoming “better.” This year, Thailand is the main destination.

yogs_meditation_retreatSome choose physical exercise or yoga in order to lose weight. Right there, the fact that you might want to lose weight says that you have the drive to be better and do something for yourself. What about how you interact in this wonderful universe? Are you impeccable with your word? Are you proficient? Focused? Do you attract what you want in your life easily? Is life flowing?

If there seems to be some break in “ease” in your life, you may want to consider doing an intensive spiritual retreat. Choose yoga, meditation, tantra or a combination of techniques included in the retreat.

Why choosing a spiritual Retreat?

  1. It allows for the natural rhythms of nature to align your body energetically – clean air, ocean, jungle = deep rest.
  2. You get away from your everyday, be that your partner, your kids, your work, or something that may be getting to you. It may even solve something naturally when you take the space you need – your space.
  3. Yoga – if you haven’t heard by now, it can change your life. It makes your body more flexible, and over time, your life and mind becomes more flexible so that you can be happy in every situation, no matter what the circumstance or story.
  4. You get time – time for yourself, because if you are constantly on the go, filling your life with activity after activity, there is no space for you to feel or integrate. Feelings tell us the truth, they tell us what we want and need, they help in connecting the body to the mind, which equals balance.
  5. During a retreat, you meet people for who they truly are, instead of for the professional roles they are playing. Don’t we all want to meet each other authentically? Put aside the masks and just be real? A retreat not only provides yoga (usually), but there are also exercises in mindfulness that will break down barriers that prevent our openness, and teach you how to communicate with more than words you might hear in everyday social settings. It’s conscious.
  6. Food – a retreat can often help you get on track with healthier, mindful eating. With organic, vegetarian meals provided, you don’t have to worry about the preparation, but if your health is a priority in your life (hopefully) you might even learn or be motivated to move into greater knowledge about superfoods, energy in food, and how to sustain healthier living through nutrition as the years go by, which, they are.
  7. Meditation – Ever tried meditating? Have you stuck with it? A retreat can give you a kick-start or a re-start to a more mindful you. Meditation will change your life, hopefully to the point where your whole life becomes a meditation – you communicate better, you listen, you respond, you know what is going on intuitively, you stop expending your valuable energy on things or people that no longer serve you. Your happiness turns into blissfulness.

A retreat can assist in giving you the space you need to reflect – questions like “What do I want?” Who am I? And “What is my life purpose?” can come up. You may even take what you learn on a retreat, be that a new yoga posture, a new way of living, or something that magically seems to happen on a retreat with you into your future new you. Your body will thank you for it, and so will your mind.

Satyama Lasby is the Owner of Open to Bliss Productions, a company that offer retreats in yoga, meditation and tantra as well as many forms of alternative massage therapy.

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