How Does Tantra Yoga Work?

 It develops the mind by making it more focused, concentrated and directed. Tantra Yoga develops your already innate energies and teaches you how to tap into universal energy. With yogi powers developed, you are more intuitive, know what is happening without speaking and can read minds. You may even use this power to manipulate situations or people, but let us hope that in your development of the yamas and niyamas you choose to use this power for the betterment of all, not just YOU.

Energy is Limitless!

By practicing tantric yoga you having access to unlimited energy. That can help you achieve, be, realize, be a better version than you are right now.

If you want to heal your mind, body or spirit from a past trauma, negative belief or heartache, take tantric yoga seriously. Give yourself the gift of practice for a period of three months. Do the work recommended in order to be able to sublime energy. Once you learn the tools, there is no excuse for ignorance. You will always know how to get yourself out of situations, feelings, relationship that you do not wish to be in. If you desire to be more happy, successful, compassionate, patient or forgiving, this kind of yoga can really have impact. You may even meet a cool person or two while in a class, as tantric yoga brings together like-energy folk seeking the same.

How differentiate From Other Forms of Yoga?

There is Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga, all great for the physical and mental body. In the west, we get caught up in the physical benefits quite a bit, sometimes watering yoga down to stretching, but it really is such a system and a way of life.

There is a yoga that deals with energy, the chakric system and the mind directly. Tantra Yoga has the ability to transform you, your mind and your big decisions. It does not make you sweat or flexible or develop a toned body. Tantra Yoga goes much deeper.

If you wish to be a person considered powerful, dynamic, or a force to be reckoned with in life, business and love, knowledge and practice of this system may bring the shift you need.

About Tantra Yoga

Tantric Yoga is an esoteric, mindful practice with slow holds, subtle flow and an emphasis on meditation on the dominating chakra being activated in the body by the posture.

While asana purifies the body on many levels, the tantric work lies grounded in the deep knowledge of uddiyana bhanda, a natural healing technique for the digestive and sexual organs. This specialized technique, known as the “upward path of flight” sublimates energy.

In the middle and also at the beginning or end of the practice, the group performs certain connecting exercises with each other which can take you to deep places in the self. Meditations such as trataka on our third eye, as way of connecting to the soul of another being in the class is one way you may be introduced to your next friend or even a soul mate.

Tantric yoga can help you to go deeper than you have before with more emphasis put on awareness with the body mind connection and how you cultivate and use sexual energy. Observe what happens. The benefits are profound, as you become so in learning to lead a tantric life, accepting all that life has to offer.

Satyama Ratna Lasby

Tantric Yoga

Satyama began studying tantra in books and workshops as early as 2006 when her spiritual interests escalated. The position of leading a Chamber of Commerce in British Columbia, Canada, which almost led to burnout, and the end of her partnership, was enough to make her quit in order to go into a deep study of meditation in India. This is also where she began to formally study tantra, in the Osho ashram in Pune in 2009. She had already been teaching yoga since 2004.

She intuitively knew the connection between meditation, yoga and sex as tantra, and how to weave both into a meaningful experience with depth. She was looking into the eyes of lovers from the moment she was met by other meditators. Prior to this, no lover had ever come close.

She served as lead teacher of the Yoga Teacher trainings to grow Samma Karuna from the ground up, designing and teaching 17 yoga teacher trainings. She taught over 1,000 students how to become yoga teachers in the hatha, vinyasa and tantric styles of yoga both for Samma Karuna and for Open to Bliss, her own company. She interweaves her teachings about yoga with teachings on tantra, as she truly believes in the alignment of the paths of yoga with tantra as two different yet intertwined ways to achieve liberation.

On the path of truth, she studied tantric yoga which provided some deep clearings in her own chakric system and led to her passion to teach Tantric Yoga Teacher trainings. Body and soul were aligned yet there was also more education to be done on the true nature of love. She visited many times Tamera, a community in Portugal studying free love and eros for answers on how to be met by others freely and in a detached way while attempting to live a spiritually inclined life.

She learned a lot in this community of transparency around relating, but it didn’t align with her beliefs completely from the perspective of a woman. At the moment she creates small communities interested in both yoga and tantra to grow together with the principles borrowed from her time spent at communities such as Tamera, Auroville, the Osho ashram in Pune, Osho Afroz, the Sanctuary, Pachamama and Damanheur.

It is her belief that tantra, including the practice of touch with depth and authentic tantra massage is a long journey. A person must first go through relationship and sexual healing to be able to reach the states of orgasmic and cosmic bliss that tantra is known for. Massage inclusive of all parts of the body is just one doorway into the world of tantra. Another is meditation, and also yoga. To assist in healing, meditation Must be part of the process. It is a great idea to receive both Chi Nei Tsang and with time, tantric massage. Then one’s perspective on what tantra can be really expands. Judgement drops.

Open to Bliss

The foundation of Satyama’s company, Open to Bliss is tantric yoga teacher trainings and meditation. Silent, active, or simple yet focused presence is really what makes something tantric. It is slow, respectful and from the heart. This is how we heal from the body into the spiritual level, and these treatments, as well as yoga and an understanding of tantra can have a metaphysical and long-lasting benefit when done with love.

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