Tantra Training

Tantra Training for Couples

One day to week long trainings are developed based on an initial interview. Many couples are seeking a spiritual element in their lovemaking, deeper intimacy, a refreshed way to express sensual desire authentically and learn the art of yoni and lingam massage. Designed around the foundational practice of meditation, it is highly recommended that you (and your partner) be practicing yoga or meditation before moving in the direction of Tantra.  The training contains an agreement to move into the depths of relating by in order to move into the freedom and openness offered by the study of authentic pillars of tantra.
The uniqueness of the training consists of energy sublimation, sacred rituals, transfiguration and tantric massage. A couple can also request to be trained only in tantric massage – 6,000 bht.

Email your request for a training.

Tao Tantric Arts for Shakti – The Red Tent Rituals and Women’s Circles

Preparation, yogic training and healing for women is a key element in knowing and loving oneself, in preparation to move into a tantric practice and partnership with a suitable partner.

Courses and groups in the Red Tent tradition are designed to explore, cultivate and sublimate energies in a woman’s body. Sexual energy, chi kung practice, breast massage and jade egg theory and practice is used to heal, transform and open women to a new way of living a life of self-honour and love.
Balance your masculine and feminine elements, grow a sisterhood of fellow women on a spiritual path and become a master of the subtle energies only women can master.



2017 scheduled retreats

Tantric Massage and Tantric Yoga Training in Bali

April 25-29, 2017 in Ubud, Bali


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