Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage

Chi Nei Tsang Treatments

Chi Nei Tsang is the most profound therapeutic massage forms found in classical Chinese and Taoist Medicine. Its holistic approach to healing is profound and experiential, sometimes inexplicable how certain disorders dissolve with a series of treatments on the person’s abdominal region. The final goal is to allow people to be free from physical and emotional pain, often begun with a repressed emotion, which has then turned into a disorder in the stomach. Many suffer from indigestion, bloating, blocked intestines, slow metabolism, menstrual cramping, endomitrisois, stopped periods or heavy periods, and post-tramatic stress syndrome, showing up as pain in the belly.

Chi is energy, Nei Tsang refers to the internal organs. So Chi Nei Tsang is applying energy to the internal organs so that they can function more efficiently. Satyama is trained in Qi Gong and works with a deep, soft and gentle touch. It can be a somewhat painful experience, but worth temporary discomfort for results.

CNT uses the wisdom and skills cultivated in Taoist disciplines such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Taoist meditations.  It is a complete system of physical, mental, and spiritual development that emphasizes teaching students to work on themselves. A trainer of the work, Satyama puts energy into the skill of recycling negative energies from treatments to increase the capacity for love expressed through conscious and skilled touch in an intimate part of the body.

CNT is an integral part of the Universal Tao System popularized by Taoist Qi Gong and tantric master Mantak Chia of Thailand’s Tao Gardens.

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