The Art of Learning Tantra Massage

There is a lot of interest in tantra massage as people are opening their minds to new possibilities of sacred touch, healing through massage, and getting to certain orgasmic states. Tantra massage may be the “highest” and most difficult form of massage a meditating masseuse can learn, as it really is about the awareness of how and where to touch the person during the massage. The right energy and self confidence can take years for a person to acquire. Knowing how to move energy up the body, either with physical movement or just intention and energy is also an art to practice and to master.

Tantra massage is an entirely different form of massage that is meant to heal. It is known also as yoni massage for women and as lingham massage for men. Although they have their erotic components, it is not a “happy-ending” massage as is joked about many times, because the man receiving is not ejaculating, and if a woman receives, she may experience the elusive “g-spot” orgasm that is often fantasized about but doesn’t often every time, at all.

It doesn’t often happen with a lingham penetrating the yoni as it is not this easy. So with the massage we can get there, but under the right circumstances at the right time. It could take several sessions for a woman to be open to experiencing this kind of orgasm. We must also keep in mind that this is not the point of the yoni massage. It is first to heal any sexual wounding that may be locking the potential in the yoni.

Tantra Massage is a Training in Itself

If one wants to learn yoni massage they need to learn how to manipulate the tila points under the scapula, breasts and buttocks before going anywhere near the yoni. Women take up to twenty-five minutes to relax into being ready for any penetration of the yoni. 

Woman’s intimate inter-connection of her mind to her body is deep.  If the woman truly trusts the person giving her the massage, be it a man or a woman, this can have large varying results on whether or not she can have this type of “tantric” orgasm, but again this is not the goal. Many hours of practice with the fingers in the right position for a sustained amount of time in order to bring about the situation of release from the g-spot (known as callas) may be needed by people who wish to give this massage professionally.

Please ponder why you wish to learn it… is it ego? You wish to be a good lover? You want to learn more about women? You wish for healing for women? All of these are things to think about if you are going to learn tantra massage, but remember, the ethics here are that a giver is not permitted to give the receiver sex, unless it is consented to before you begin. Also remember like meditation, there is no goal to this massage.

Why you might need a Tantra Massage?

A tantra massage also really studies the points on the body that need working through so that the person can become open to orgasmic states. For men, massage is also done on the entire body so he is not so lingham-focused and so that he can continue to learn how to sublimate and circulate energy through the entire body. Sublimation is important to learn so that he will not ejaculate either in the massage or when he is having intercourse in a tantric way.

A tantric man keeps his seed. Chi/vital energy retention and sublimation is key for a man to stay young, last longer, maintain attraction and interest in his shakti  and in different ways to approach love and love making.

Differentiating Between and Erotic Massage and an Authentic Tantra Massage

This topic is important, as it makes the differentiation between a person who may be providing sexual services and one who is providing healing services in alternative health care.

Sexual healing  is also not tantra. Sexual healing happens when sex is used as a tool to bring pleasure that has not yet been experienced or has not been experienced in a long time, or something that heals a wound that has been made through a negative experience with sexuality. The wound may also occur when there is a lack of love or affection, and this can be twisted and manifested as rape, forcing, pornography or disrespect to another person.

Tantra massage is massage and also not to be confused with what Tantra Really is. The massage element of the subject is more subtle, it is different than providing erotic massage. An erotic massage can end in an orgasm for man. A real tantric massage by a trained therapist who is meditating and learning the subject will never bring a client to orgasm. There may or may not even be touch on the genitals in a tantric massage. It can be purely energetic, clothes on and uplifting.

Although it is still working with sexual energy, a tantra massage introduces the idea of healing and pleasure into a session. It can bring a non-orgasmic woman who has been suffering with this her entire sexual life into bliss, and this can cause hallelujah itself. A tantra massage takes a topic which is often a taboo to a different understanding, void of judgement and shame.

It is a true gift for a man or woman ready for spiritual transformation.

Why Study Tantra?

Study tantra if you are a person who likes sex, but knows there is something more to it and to life. Maybe you have been in relationship for many years, and don’t know what to do about your lagging sex life. You look at other people or even wish to be with another person that you already know yet you are not free to go for it because you are in a commitment. Maybe you have had sexual encounters that have left you feeling empty and you wish not to have this anymore. Maybe you have wild a crazy sex, but know that you would like more intimacy, a care in the touch you are receiving, or to tell your partner that you wish to try or do something different but don’t know how to approach the subject. Maybe you are alone for years, wondering if the right person will even enter your life in an intimate way. All of these are reasons to have a look at tantra. It is a deep study of love, communication, meditation, sex, unity and intimacy.
If you meditate already, look into tantric meditations. There are many that you can try alone or with a partner. Get your hands on a yantra for example, it is a picture of the sacred symbol of creation in geometric format, and meditate in the very centre of the yantra, which symbolizes beautifully the yoni (female genitalia). This can help one’s mind make the leap between how life is created, and the tantric explosion that had to occur through the love of the masculine and the feminine that made ultimate union and potential creation. If you do not meditate already, try to begin slowly and then build, any technique that works for your concentration. Know that you will need meditation in order to understand what tantra is really about.

If you are with someone a partner, lover, boyfriend or girlfriend who is also open to tantra, do a meditation such as chakra breathing. Commit to doing meditations together to go into learning about tantra, as it becomes frustrating if only one partner is interested. A couple who has this dynamic will eventually grow apart. For chakra breathing, there is Osho Chakra breathing music and instructions you can find on Spotify. Be situated in front of your partner. Breathe with intention on the chakras, you will align with each other energetically, as well as activate each chakra, so that when you are in position to make love, say, at the end of the meditation, you are already half way there. You will have a deeper experience through the breath, you may be able to feel which of your energetic centres are open when you have intercourse with your partner. You can even try tantric positions that activate these chakras so that you will feel different energies on the subtle plane. This is a good thing, wanted with tantra practice.

If more people were to study tantra, perhaps more healing, sexually, would happen on the planet. It is a belief, tried and tested by people involved in tantra, that if we could have better, higher aspirations and interactions between the masculine and the feminine that there would also be less war on the planet.

Love is the healing path and sexuality is intertwined with love through the art of tantra, which is a natural medicine that we can use anytime. In studying tantra, we use our awareness when we are interacting deeply with a person of the opposite sex. We ask more questions, gain clarity and understanding, use patience and ethics so that healing and then pleasure can happen. Tantra is the doorway into love which weaves sex and spirit together. We only come to about knowing what the benefit of tantra is by studying it in groups, meditating on it alone, or by courageously trying different meditations and exercises about it with a partner to learn the subtleties of energy, our past experiences and by being present with another person, moment to moment.

Tantric Massage, CNT and KNT

Here we take the principles and healing elements of both CNT and KNT and turn it up a notch to move into the pleasure realm of healing.

Tantric massage, if you so dare, makes the body feel lighter and also clears the mind from busy thoughts. Having one is the best way to learn about your body, thus, when you know how and which parts give particular sensation, you can better commuunicate this with your partner.
For men, there is no pressure when receiving one of these, so the pressure is taken off the performance element of sexual interaction. Many times, premature ejaculation can be resolved with a series of tantric massages.
For women, a lot of healing may take place at first, then a door is opened for greater pleasure for them. The potential for a multi-orgasmic response or a g-spot orgasm increases ten-fold and sensuality and pleasure for women grows through this massage.
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