Tantric Yoga Teacher Training, November 6-Dec 2nd in Thailand

Tantric -Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Satyama  

 200 hours of hatha – vinyasa – tantra yoga…more than the average yoga teacher For those on a path of depth, intimacy, and ability to assist others via yoga asana, authentic communication  and the path of truth

An internationally certified program

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Tantric Yoga and Massage Retreats

with Satyama


Yoga Teacher Trainings in Thailand and Portugal, as well as week long transformational retreats in tantric yoga, meditation and tantric massage retreats.

Trainings and retreats for everyone interested in Tantra, Yoga,  and Intimate Massage.

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Yoga Teacher Trainings

Open to Bliss Yoga Teacher Trainings


 Yoga Teacher Trainings are an extensive, experiential explorations on the mat and into  life.

A typical day in our trainings provides you with an enrgetic practice and tantric or yin yoga practice every day.

Between yoga classes, we  experience  exercises and processes in tantra and inquiry into the self.

Satyama brings knowledge and experience with Osho’s teachings, meditation and a feminine wisdom to creates a life-altering experience.

Become a yoga teacher. Change your life by learning how to live it, tantrically. You won’t regret it.

Women’s Retreats

Tantric Yoga Retreat for Women


Tantra Massage Training, for Women in the Retreat and for Couples July 24-26 (Continues after women’s group)

This women’s only retreat (July 19-23), on the combined topics of yoga, the Tao and neo-tantra is a one-of a kind offering in the Algarve, Portugal at Awakeland, www.awakeland.pt.

Simultaneously, explore the realms of tantra within a space in which we intimately share feminine wisdom for purposes of healing, movement and sacred uses of our sexual energy – how and when to apply in our daily lives.

Through ancient yoga techniques and kriyas, as well as profound tantric practices, you will transform again and again by re-wiring old patterning and opening a new path to freedom, deep pleasure, grounded awareness, love and deeper intimacy within your life.

Massage Trainings

Open to Bliss Massage Trainings


Open to Bliss offers certification in Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage, Karsai Nei Tsang (Tantric Grandmaster Mantak Chia’s work) and Tantra (Yoni and Lingham) massage.

Chi Nei Tsang is the Chinese name for “bringing energy to the abdomen” and it has the potential to release repressed emotions stored in the internal organs which eventually result in physical aliments such as indigestion, constipation, endometriosis, infertility, proplapsed uterus, migraines and many other chronic conditions.

It is a Taoist technique, easy to learn and great for people already giving massage, or if you wish to learn how to heal naturally through touch.

What Is Tantric Yoga?

The trainings in yoga and tantra by Open to Bliss are unique, underlying the depth and authenticity of both hatha yoga and tantric meditations and rituals. Each training and retreat aims to offer experiential teaching that combine meditation, tantra yoga practice and a form of tantra training influenced by Osho, sublimation work, ceremony and practice in presence or building energy for tantric encounter.

The body needs to be prepared and open through yoga. The mind needs to be clear for love to come in its full presence. The intention is stated and naturally arises when the beings who walk the path of tantra and yoga together unify in a resonating state of consciousness that connects to nature, oneness and superconsciouness.


Certified Yoga and Tantra Teacher Trainer,
Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai Nei Tsang Trainer

Satyama has been teaching yoga with depth for the past 15 years. With certification in Integrative Yoga Therapy, Sivananda and the Hatha Vinyasa styles of yoga, she draws also upon her work as a massage and emotional release therapist to give the ultimate experience in healing and bliss in her teacher trainings and uniquely-designed retreats.

Video Become a Tantra Yoga Teacher

Massage Therapies

Become a trained practitionner of Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage and Karsai Nei Tsang taoist tantric massage


“Satyama is approachable, educated, informed, passionate, and the most enjoyable classes of my life were with her due to the energy she provides and environment she created.”

Kelsey DeMarco, USA

“I felt more open, alive, and awake coming out of my 200-hr YTT with Satyama than I have ever felt in my life.  She will teach you, lead you, inspire you, and transform you and your practice like no other.  I can’t say enough about her or what she has done to support the beginning of a new chapter in my life as a yogi and yoga teacher.”

Brian Pineal, USA

“The teachings in this recent experience in yoga and meditation are fantastic. Satyama has a great sense of humour, which lightened up my mood even when I felt exhausted by everything. It has taken my further on the path of love and self-development.”

Tomoko, Japan

21 Day Tapas

Transform yourself in a 15 minute per day commitment that you make to yourself.

The tapas changes each month! We may be doing a tantric practice, ritual, a yoga posture,or something related to healthy diet. You might also receive notice of new retreats and teacher trainings in the upcoming year.


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Yoga Teacher Trainings, Retreats, Tantra and Tantric Yoga and massage workshops.

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A Yoga Retreat for the Curious on theTantric Path!

What is involved in a Tantric Yoga Retreat?

This  retreat focuses on the combined subjects of yoga, Taoism, neo-tantra and methods of tantric massage. This is a one-of a kind offering in Koh Phagnan, an intensive yet totally immersive experience  which will use the energy of the group to experience life in a transparent community. With emphasis on sublimation and energetic shifts towards the heart , the retreat has the intention to take truth, transparency and trust to a new level, while teaching authentic tantric practices in physical, mental and even sexual health. 


Explore the realms of tantra within a space in which we intimately share feminine wisdom for purposes of connecting and supporting each other in what we need, healing, movement and the sacred uses of our sexual energy.


You Will Learn:


How to refine and harness sexual energy to be used for work, play, protection and manifestation through yoga and meditative practices


How to transform your patterns in all kinds of relationships by re-wiring old patterning and opening a new path to openness and freedom - for yourself and for those in your life


Kriyas and purification techniques to ready the body for a new level of healing, even karmic conditions


How to sublimate lower energies both in yoga and in protected, intimate situation


Your intention is your guide into a rich experience in this retreat.


Tantric Yoga practice and the break-down of techniques will awaken your innate Life Force and increase and channel abundance.


  • Asana practice in hatha, vinyasa and yin tantric awareness
  • Sexual Vitality Pranayama techniques,  Uddyiana Bandha and Nauli Kriya
  • Taoist cultivating, circulating & sublimating, Mantak Chia style
  • Masculine-Feminine Dynamics – direction and flow, how to balance your yin and your yang
  • Tibetan Tantra and use of tantric mudras 
  • Conscious communication and work on transparency, trust-building and authenticity to self, partners, other women, other men
  • Cultivating the multi-orgasmic response through touch and energetic touch
  • Transfiguration and tantric moon rituals for divine manifestation




You will learn:


How to create and hold sacred space for a tantric massage


Tantric Tila points, appropriate time to spend on which points to remove emotional blocks in the body


De-armouring of the abdomen


How to remove unconscious mental protection barriers and conditioning around sex


How this profound type of massage moves from healing to pleasure realms


A woman’s internal potential – A, G, K spot induction, orgasmic response and technique




The retreat is open to singles and couples, so that we  can learn this for each other. Women will learn the art of yoni massage on our sisters and we will also experience lingham massage on the men that are holding the presence in this unique group of people, if desired.