Chi Nei Tsang and Tantric Massage Training

July 5-10 in Koh Phagnan

5 days Level 1 abdominal massage certification, plus tantra massage training, Tao and Neo Tantra instruction, self-realization in areas of karmic healing.

Lotus Luxury Ocean View Villa in Sri Thanu

Add to your knowledge as a massage therapist or have this be your intro into the potential depth and healing power of massage therapy


Chi Nei Tsang is the most profound therapeutic massage found in classical Chinese and Taoist Medicine. Its holistic approach to healing is profound and experiential, sometimes inexplicable how certain disorders dissolve with a series of treatments on the person’s abdominal region. The final goal is to allow people to be free from physical and emotional pain, often begun with a repressed emotion, which has then turned into a disorder in the stomach. Many suffer from indigestion, bloating, blocked intestines, slow metabolism, menstrual cramping, endomitrisois, stopped periods or heavy periods, sexual tramas and post-tramatic stress syndrome, showing up as pain in the belly or discontent in one’s mind and/or body, showing up as pain or negativity.

Chi is energy, Nei Tsang refers to the internal organs. So Chi Nei Tsang is applying energy to the internal organs so that they can function more efficiently. It can be a somewhat painful experience, but worth temporary discomfort for profound results.

CNT uses the wisdom and skills cultivated in Taoist disciplines such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong and meditation.  It is a complete system of physical, mental, and spiritual development that emphasizes teaching students to work on themselves. A trainer of the work, Satyama puts energy into the skill of recycling negative energies from treatments to increase the capacity for love expressed through conscious and skilled touch in an intimate part of the body.

CNT (Chi Nei Tsang) is an integral part of the Universal Tao System popularized by Taoist Qi Gong and tantric master Mantak Chia of Thailand’s Tao Gardens. It can be the beginning of a Tantric, Karsai (genital) massage with the benefits of healing sexual traumas or moving into blissful energetic and spiritual pleasure beyond belief.

  • Allows repressed emotions to be felt, expressed and released.
  • Clears blockages, eases tension, moves lymph fluid to promote healthy bowel clearance.
  • Promotes fertility for those who wish for children
  • Can aid in healing endomitriosis or other issues related to womb or ovary health
  • Promotes weight loss by assisting in the natural health of our digestive systems.
  • Provides additional support during a cleanse or fasting process.
You will learn
The Chi Nei Tsang practitioner uses the healing energy of Chi, together with precise therapeutic manipulations.
Chi Nei Tsang supports the detoxifying process. When the organs are at rest from the responsibility of digesting food as when happens when one is not eating, a deeper detoxification occurss in the intestines, liver, and kidneys. The manipulation of these organs can further release the issue that the person may have been holding onto in their lives, sometime resulting in emotional release while a session is being given, or in the days after, during the integration and processing phase.
Step by step

(review for those who have taken a training)

Understanding what emotions get stored in the body, where and why:
  1. Adrenal Glands: Sit on top of the kidneys and are associated with handling stress. Specifically, they regulate sugar and salt in the body by means of two hormones: cortisone and fludrocortisone. Problems with the adrenals represent succumbing to the stress in your life. Beware coffee drinkers! You may be taxing your adrenals and drying out your system.
  2. Stomach: Represents chronic worry, overthinking and anxiety. Ca n expand four times its size depending on how much we eat, but best NOT to overeat…overeating is the cause of many problems with the stomach and also leads to weight gain which leads to early aging/death.
  3. Gallbladder: Gallbladder problems represent a fear of inappropriate expression. In Chinese Medicine, the gallbladder is the seat of courage. Deeply connected to unresolved anger in the liver.
  4. Heart:  Traditionally it is the symbol for love, and therefore, truth. Speaking from the heart reveals your true essence. A heart by-pass asks whose love or Truth are you passing? Pain around the heart can indicate a deep wound from a relationship that has not been healed, therefore preventing one from moving on into other nourishing relationships.
  5. Lungs: The emotion of the lungs is grief. Breathing problems like asthma, or a wetness in the lungs indicate retained grief. Frequent sighing or breathlessness can often be a sign of suppressed anger.
  6. Liver: a liver which is difficult to access through this massage (indicated by hardness) indicates repressed anger, oftentimes over years of one’s life and abuse of alcohol or drugs.
  7. Kidneys: At the physical level, kidneys filter out the ‘anti’ in our life. It is however, much  better to be for something than to be against something. Kidneys house the emotion of fear and are considered to be the root of all the other organ systems. This is reflected in the idea that fear is at the root of all the other emotions we consider “negative” or limiting.
  8. Pancreas: The pancreas is both an endocrine gland secreting digestive juices through a duct into the stomach and secretes sugar regulating hormones directly into the bloodstream. The pancreas is most often associated with Diabetes, the body’s inability to process sugar, Diabetes is said to represent a denial of the sweetness of life. It may also represent a misplaced faith in one’s own ability to control their physical world. Given that the pancreas has a dual function, it has both the ability to digest ideas and to extract that which is not only sweet, but life sustaining.
  9. Skin: the skin is your outer covering that holds things in and helps define your physical presence. It is the first line of defense against invading organisms. Skin problems represent difficulties with boundaries… keeping things in and keeping things out. A lack of balance between the inner you and the outer you results in things coming out such as rashes, boils, and pustules and bacteria coming in such as colds, flu and infections on the skin. Skin eruptions indicate long standing resentments not being expressed appropriately. Rashes or eczema represent anger and excessive heat. Itching represents dissatisfaction with the way things are going and/or dissatisfaction with yourself. A CNT can be the flush the skin requires to begin the healing process.
  10. Spleen: the spleen has the function of ‘transforming’ physical nutrients into metaphysical ones and is important to the immune system for fighting infections. It runs across and under the rib cage, and is cleaned in the massage at the same time as the stomach.
  11. Thyroid: represents the communication between the head and the heart. Thyroid problems most often represent a lack of or miscommunication between what one thinks and one’s truth. Problems may also represent a lack of ability to speak up for oneself.
  12. Cervix/Womb/Ovaries: problems with the uterus or cervix on an woman represents punishing the self at a deep level, oftentimes for inappropriately judged behaviours around one’s sexuality and desire for love from outside sources. The problems can surface in menstruation, and can often be connected to a closure in the heart due to disconnected sexual experiences.
This list functions on the premise that each organ holds onto more than just a function that the body needs for regulation and digestion. A Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage often works to eliminate toxins from the organs being worked on, leaving the receiver feeling more open, refreshed, healed from negative thoughts and even aggressive actions.
Become a practitionner

Tantra Massage and Chi Nei Tsang Level One  Pyramid Yoga Centre, Haad Salad, Koh Phagnan, Thailand.

Learn how to be a Tantric and Chi Nei Tsang therapist, improve your own health and awareness of the deeper side of healing

July 5-10, 2018

Packages and Availability:

$890  USDsingle shared room with two twin beds, balcony, hot water, a lounge area and wi-fi. Great views, unique experience to go deeper with another member of the retreat. 

$1250 USD single private room:  queen size bed, hot water, and a lounge area for your comfort, plus wi-fi. Lie poolside or receive a spa treatment from one of the therapists on breaks.

$1799 double registration (couple) Private room with a king-sized bed, hot water and a lounge area for entertaining. Relax into the romantic sounds accompanying you and your loved one in the jungle.

Will be our pleasure to welcome you both.

Counselling sessions for couples also available during the course.

Chi Nei Tsang and Tantra Massage training Retreat on KPG, Thailand, JULY 5-10

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The upcoming educational Retreat includes daily yoga practice to prepare you to become a present and skilled practitionner. Without daily practice,  techniques can only take you so far….so you become immersed in self-practice (tantric and hatha yoga, sublimation, and practicing intense bodywork on others.

Jump into the abyss of bliss and dedicate a vacation to a learning purpose.


Chi Nei Tsang and tantra massage training retreat reservation

Do you like Yoga? Curious about Tantra? Learn how they can be practiced and exemplified in your life in this retreat!

Question: I want to come to the Tantric Yoga retreat in July on Koh Phagnan, but I don't exactly know what I am signing up for! Is it Safe? Sexy? Fun? Authentic?    What I am looking for in a holiday with purpose?

Its all of this. Just say YES! July 5-10 at a private Villa overlooking the ocean with a salt water pool and amazing vegetrain Thai and Western food.

Tantric Yoga Retreats are the specialty of Open to Bliss and of the teacher, Satyama Ratna Lasby. The retreats focus on the combined subjects of yoga, Taoism, neo-tantra White tantra and methods of certain types of tantric massage. This is a one-of a kind offering in Koh Phagnan, an intensive yet totally immersive experience  which will use the energy of the group to experience life in a  completely transparent community. With emphasis on sublimation and energetic shifts towards the heart , the retreat has the intention to take truth and trust to a new level, while teaching authentic tantric practices for our physical, mental spiritually sexual health. 

 You Will Learn:

How to refine and harness sexual energy to be used for work, play, protection and manifestation through yoga and unique meditative practices  (Osho meditations, dynamic, kundalini, nadhabrahma, No Dimensions, vipassana and tantric touch meditations)

Kriyas and purification techniques to ready the body for a new level of healing, resolving possibly even karmic conditions.

How to sublimate lower energies both in yoga and in intimate situations in your life.

Tantric Yoga practice and the break-down of techniques will awaken your innate Life Force (Kundalini energy) changing how you see the world, and how others perceive you.

  • Asana practice in hatha, vinyasa and yin tantric awareness
  • Sexual Vitality Pranayama techniques,  Uddyiana Bandha and Nauli Kriya
  • Taoist cultivating, circulating & sublimating, Mantak Chia style
  • Masculine-Feminine Dynamics – direction and flow, how to balance your yin and your yang
  • Tibetan Tantra and use of tantric mudras 
  • Conscious communication and work on transparency, trust-building and authenticity to self, partners, other women, other men
  • Cultivating the multi-orgasmic response through touch 
  • Transfiguration and tantric moon rituals for manifestation

In the Afternoon, you will also learn about touch:

How to create and hold sacred space for Chi Nei Tsang , tantric and non-tantric massage

Tila touch points, plus the appropriate time to spend on which points to remove blocks in the body

De-armouring of the abdomen and sexual organs

How to remove unconscious mental protection barriers and cultural conditioning through communication 

How this profound type of massage heals

A woman’s internal potential through the body – A, G, K spot inductions, plus Taoist breast massage

Men's mapping and trust

The retreat is open to singles and couples, so that we  can learn this for each other. 

A survey is done with each person registering for the retreat so that the retreat is designed for the interests of the group.

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