Taoist Osho Tantra Training

December 17-23, 2021

This training is a unique deep dive into the Path of  LOVE through a tantric lense. Look at patterns, breakthrough limiting beliefs about your personal life, manifest a soul mate or learn how to make your partnership open, closed, communicative and more intimate.
This retreat can change your life.

It happens once/year just before Christmas.

Look at Tantra through the Lense of Yoga, Mirroring, Shadow Work. Evolve.

We all want more love, intimacy, touch, erotic pleasure and healing in our personal lives. Here is the opportunity to make a holiday a meaningful one, be it that you are single or in a long-term relationship.

Along with tantra yoga, teaching about tantra through Gestalt therapies, energy and breath movement, sublimations, you will also balance your learnings with rare massage techniques for the entire body, the belly, and the genital system.

Through intuitive study and practice, experience an Osho Therapist in action, providing the group with in-the-moment meditations crafted for altering role-plays, healing your story and creating a new one with altered results that can re-work karma and dharma.

Change your perceptions about Tantra and yoga. Learn more about the human body than you have ever known. Train the mind for a different way of thinking, about life, openness, radical existence and fulfillment at all levels. Change your life.

The Experience

Tantric Yoga, Tantra, and Tantra massage is taught in this retreat and reaches the next level in learning healing touch, with a focus on the tila (releasing) points in the body and on the lingham and yoni (penis and vagina, respectively). 

Practice Osho active meditations and real Tantric Yoga in the mornings for clarity and focus. Learn how to facilitate Osho meditations.

Learn how to give a full body tantric massage for deep release of pain, trauma, sexual blockages. In women, learn the G, A, and K spots, as well as yoni mapping in order to heal the traumas women hold deeply. Learn how a woman works to open to orgasm in the deepest ways. Men are taught greater tantric love-making abilities and how to cultivate more directive energy, not under pressure to “perform.”

Tantric rituals are incorporated into the schedule to sanctify what we are learning and experiencing in our time together. Shares and work on relating, reactions, patterns, etc. appear in other spaces on the retreat schedule.

When tantra is involved in a group gathering, the results are often sped up. It’s a unique education aimed towards overcoming fears, guilt, shame and judgement.

Your Investment


Euro Per Person

Singles & Couples welcome,

special price for couples



Spots Remaining 

Deposit is non-refundable but usable in future retreats as an answer to COVID related restrictions. You can enter Thailand with the Thailand pass and vaccination or quarantine atm.

Contact Us

For Inquires 

Msg info@opentobliss.com for inquiries, application and to book.

It is the responsibility of the retreatant to ensure entry into Thailand and quarantine if needed.

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