Tantric Yoga Intensive THAILAND

May 9-14 2022

Jan 5-11, 2023

 Tantric Yoga Intensive – THE Experience

Tantric Yoga is a blend of classical hatha and neo-tantric methodology that follow the 5 principles of Tantric Yoga. You will learn these principles in morning practices of the retreat.

TY Intensives are designed for you to learn about yoga asana and breathwork and their connection to chakras, sublimation, bandha work and and strong tantric rituals. Experience the connection of Tantra to Yoga, and also Neo-tantra via Osho’s path of teaching experiential learning.

Natural healing through emotional, spiritual and sexual maturation as well as soul and mind-blowing expansion occurs. 

The intensive covers tantric lineages with influences from Hindu goddess representation, Shivaism and Taoist practices for comprehension. The program’s radical approach to honesty and transparency via FORUM makes it the fastest-growing type of training in Asia.

You may use this training to heal or add to your journey into Self and expand via the a community experience. Learn also on how to give and receive tantric massage.

What Does a Typical Day Look Like?

Mornings are energizing, containing  Osho active meditations, Tantric Yoga practice and a group vegetarian Thai-fusion lunch.

Afternoons are educational and practical work on both yoga and tantra, and how they fit as systems of evolution and reconditioning beliefs. Practices are experiential and reflective. Big healing and personal downloads happen here.

Specialized teachings include sublimation through Uddiyana Bhanda, a natural healing technique for the digestive system and health of the sexual organs. Types of massage and role-play, Gestault role systems attempt to bring awareness to the constant projections onto others for our love needs, efforts and love language.

Community and dance in a grand “humaniversity” play in a temple setting that is sanctified and protected with you as your boundary-maker also included. Body-mind awareness training, communication and energetic matching happens.

This week can change your life.

Getting here: Msg us for details, its easy connections from BKK to KPG. First day of arrival, a dinner and  introduction meeting happens in the evening, logistics and money are finalized 2 week in advance of deposits already made. 

 899 Euro pp  – includes food and accommodation (single). Ask for couples registration.

Accommodation is at Haad Yao Bay Resort. Please request  accommodation upon registration. You will need to apply for the program to assure maturity and readiness for this expansive experience. Yoni and lingham education and massage are covered on some of the days.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: I know about yoga but I am intimidated and hesitant by the thought of learning tantra. Should I come to a retreat on Tantric Yoga/ Tantra?

 A: Be courageous and in totality. You will never be free from fear. You will not be made to do anything you do not wish to do in this training. All beliefs can be self-limiting or judgemental, which traces back to YOU. Transformation, new beliefs, more openness, fun is ALL possible, but your life and what you do is always your decision. 

Q: Will i be made to do something in this retreat that i do not feel comfortable with?

A: No, you do not have to do. You are the creator of your experience. We do work with boundaries so that you can learn yours, again and again.

Q: I do not know much about yoga or tantra. Is this retreat still for me?

A: You will learn. Of course teachings go much deeper if you have backgroung in either of these topics, but beginners are welcome. Drama is not encouraged but honestly is.

Q: How do I get to Koh Phagnan?

A: Get to BKK by plane and take another flight (Air Asia or Bangkok Air) or bus or train to Koh Phangan from Khaosan Road or Bangkok airport. We will send you the details upon paid registration for the intensive. Everything to Koh Phagnan connects easily, the ferries from the mainland or Koh Samui are never full atm, just make sure you will connect with the last ferry of the day. Schedules are here: https://www.phanganferries.com/time-table

Meet the facilitator 

Satyama began studying tantra in books and workshops as early as 2006 when her spiritual interests escalated beyond the confines of regular society. This is also where she began to formally study meditation and tantra in the Osho ashram in Pune in 2009. A yoga teacher since 2004, she moved to Koh Phagnan in 2011 to lead Yoga Teacher Trainings for Samma Karuna. Tantra education and massage retreats followed and evolved with her own deep experiences in healing the sexual and emotional wounding that historically happens between men and women at the Tamera community in Portugal. She uses much of the community experience andresearch in her work today.

She intuitively knew the connection between meditation, yoga and sex as tantra, and how to weave them into a meaningful experience that heals. She was looking into the eyes of others from the moment she was met by other meditators… Read more

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