Tantric Yoga and Massage Trainings

Currently giving online Zoom classes in Tantric Yoga and Tantric Massage – pm to set up your training dates!

June 2-5 Chi Nei Tsang Level One

Koh Phagnan

August 30-Sept 6 Chi Nei Tsang, Karsai Nei Tsang and Tantra Massage Retreat

Koh Phagnan


 Immersion into Tantra and teachings about Tantra Massage for couples contain teachings in:


  • Asana practice in hatha and yin tantric awareness to increase vitality

  • Pranayama technique and Uddyiana Bandha sublimation work

  • Cultivating, Circulating & Sublimating energies in yourself and in your partner

  • Masculine-Feminine Dynamics – direction, flow and thinking

  • Tantric rituals that work (if you do them!)

  • Conscious communication and work on transparency, trust-building and authenticity to self, partner and your community

  • Cultivating the multi-orgasmic response through touch and energy control

I have a partner/ I don’t have a partner…contact us anyway!

Be prepared to let go of old patterns and ways of doing things to make space for the new to come in. Also experience and heal body and relationship wounds through yoga practices, unique active meditations, tantric exercises, and rituals to call in all that you deserve in life!

Our time together is co-created in connected in safe ways with full awareness. Go beyond everyday social interactions, out of the norm and into the land of courageous through exploring tantra and the nectar of meditation.

The study of tantra is vast;  our retreats, both groups and simply for you as a couple aims to weave in the ancient knowledge of tantra that was previously passed down orally to students who were ready to receive the teachings. We will incorporate the tantric meditation methodologies of Osho Rajneesh and the Book of Secrets in order to bring participants closer to the realization of who they are through exercises aimed at full awareness on the topic of love, body image, societal conditioning and touch with presence.


899 Euro – Private bungalow

Immersion into Tantra


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