The Tao of Tantric Yoga

A Modern-Day Approach to Tantric Discovery via practicing tantric yoga and learning what it is, through daily yoga practice combined with sexual awakening and healing, celibacy periods and looking at both monogamous and open-relationship lifestyles from the perspective of an experienced female teacher of both yoga and tantra.

by Satyama Ratna Lasby, HBA, RYT 500 hours

Who is “The Tao of Tantric Yoga” for ?

  • People who do or wish to practice yoga in an authentic way
  • People wanting to know more about meditation so that tantra education begins to make some sense.
  • People investigating communities in the world, possibly wanting to live in one with awareness and meditation as the focus
  • People wishing to know what Tantric rituals can do in order to spiritualize your love and your intimate life.

What Readers say about “Tao of Tantric Yoga”

The Tao of Tantric Yoga finally gave me some practical exercises and tools to try tantra, and also to know I wasn't going crazy in trying to learn what tantra is! I have been practicing uyoga for a long time but always feel like there can be more in life, and by adding a tantric element into a practice, there really can be! I learned whagt Tantric Yoga is, that its not all sex-ual and that I can become more confident in life and in my personal life through the study of Tantric Yoga!

Cindy Lindlay, USA

The Tao of Tantric Yoga gave me a new perspective and suggestions I would have never tried without reading the author's personal accounts in her life. Lasby is obviously a dedicated practitioner of yoga and meditation, and also women! I gained a new perspective on women from this book, great knowledge about yoga, and I am gathering the courage to try a suggested ritual. love.

Stephen Orland, USA

This book is such a great mix of the personal experiences of a spiritual teacher, in detail! as well as in-depth knowledge of the system of yoga with the chakras and the vastness of tantra perspectives. Celebrate what life is about and gain some great inspiration on how to live life the right way through The Tao of Tantric Yoga!

Gregory Steinbach, Switzerland

Such a unique perspective on Tantra through the lense of yoga! I did not realize that I really need to "up" my yoga practice in order to feel into what I wish to get out of the study of Tantra! Thanks Satyama for your teachings, they are so needed in the new paradigm.

Silke Kibeil, Germany

About the Author – Satyama

Satyama Ratna Lasby has been teaching yoga with depth  for the past 20 years. With certification in Integrative Yoga Therapies, Sivananda, Yin and the Hatha Vinyasa styles of yoga, she draws also upon her work as an Osho therapist and an art and dance therapist in order to bring comprehension to tantra as a spiritual study and aspiring to gain ultimate experiences in unification.

Tantric Yoga and her style of teaching it in retreats, trainings and immersion programs has been her answer to unravelling the human condition of suffering. It is through Satyama’s belief in the power of meditation and yoga that we can life optimally, free from shame, fear and guilt. To get to freedom is a process that will include the investigation of Tantra. Tantric concentration evolved in her teaching and search to live in an intentional community with a focus on meditation and love.

Satyama’s extensive experience in bodywork has led her to teach Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai Massage (healing tantra work) trainings. She is also trained in deep tissue massage, lomi lomi Hawaiian massage, cranial sacral therapy and thai yoga massage.  She also builds on her experience with intentional communities like Osho and Tamera in her retreats mainly held in Koh Phagnan, Thailand.

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Satyama Lasby’s revealing account of the study, embodiment and leadership of Tantric Yoga is simple and to the point.

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