Tantric Yoga Teacher Training

Apr 5 — 12, 2020
CNT and Tantra Massage retreat,
The Wisdom Eye, Koh Phangan, Thailand

Our 200hr Hatha and Tantric Yoga teacher training is an exciting, playful and well-rounded program that covers the Hatha Yoga System as well as Tantric teachings.  The added benefit of this teacher training is the education about Tantra, as you will become qualified to teach Tantra to groups. You will also obtain a Yoga Alliance certification in Tantric Yoga, a leading and new type of yoga that covers all the postures in a Hatha yoga class, as well as providing a way for participants in your class to connect with each other.

Tantric Yoga by Open to Bliss is a system of yoga that has been refined over the past ten years by senior yoga teacher trainer Satyama Lasby. In recent years, the demand for authentic Tantra teachings and also tantric yoga has increased. Satyama has spent the last few years in deep study of the connection between tantra and yoga. She has the experience of the creation of both a hatha-vinyasa yoga teacher training and now a new tantric yoga teacher training that educates students on what is happening in the sub-conscious minds and bodies of people when they become more and more aware of energy and how it is being circulated among people who are living and practicing together.

Tantric yoga originates from hatha yoga and highlights the dynamic and static principles of the universe: Shakti (creative, feminine) and Shiva (destructive, masculine) become more balanced within ourselves when we practice both classical yoga and also when we study tantra as a way of living life playfully and in totality. Through the practices and exercises, we become proficient in asanas, heal our bodies, and raise the consciousness and energy between each other.

The training weaves in the ancient knowledge of tantra that was previously passed down orally to students who were ready to receive the teachings. We will incorporate the tantric meditation methodologies of Osho Rajneesh and the Book of Secrets in order to bring participants closer to the realization of who they are through exercises aimed at full awareness on the topic of love, body image, societal conditioning and teaching with presence.

Along with the topics of asana performance and corrections, sequencing a class, the links of yoga with tantra, the body as a healing tool and how to plan, execute and market tantric yoga, you will go through a transformative 3 week journey that will give you the tools to teach Yoga and Tantra, as well as a system to sustain yourself, and live a more fulfilling life.

May you also learn how to be a good yoga teacher (if this is what you wish for!) in the process of all of these teachings and unique learning, experiential processes.


Why Tantric Yoga? Yoga to Improve Life Quality
Uddiyana Bhandha – sublimate energy, become proficient with energy use
12/ 18 and 26 asanas and how to perform and teach them
Teaching methodologies – beest version of your authentci self
Tantra and Yoga History – why follow? why now?
Yama and Niyamas,  ethics of tantric practice
Tantric and active meditations
Aligning yourself with yoga and tantra
Yoga to help with sexuality
Natural Ways to Healing, sexual healing, emotional healing, food as medicine
Boundaries and Consent
Communication, intimacy, how to touch
Nutrition and diet for life
Shanka Prakshalana and other yoga kriyas
Life Longevity via non-suppression 

Taking a self-responsible approach to life, while letting go, and how to do this to LIVE

Daily Schedule

Active, tantric and sitting Meditations

Yoga practice, peer practice

Brunch and break

Theory, history, philosophy and experientially learn about tantra, yoga and tantric yoga

Yoga practice and discussion


Evening lessons, activity based on tantric yoga practices, rituals and teachings



Right after the completion of your TTC, you can join us for a Chi Nei Tsang and Tantra Massage Retreat happening April 5 through April 12th where you can learn the art of Chi Nei Tsang massage. More information about the massage can be found here. 


Hatha and Tantric Yoga Teacher Training

1799 Euro – ask about  volunteering option for a 20 % discount!

Chi Nei Tsang and Tantra Massage Retreat

899 € – 2 spaces left!

For any inquiries, please email us at info@opentobliss.com or use the contact form below. We can also arrange a Skype chat at your convenience or you can also just send us a Whatsapp at +66 658120500 (Thai number).

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