Cranial Sacral

Massage-2152Cranial Sacral

Cranial-Sacral therapy is gentle, relaxing, and uses a light energetic touch on the client. It involves palpating and assisting the movement of bones as cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF) is pumped through the brain and the spinal cord. The flow of CSF produces subtle movement of the bones of the head, which causes movement of the vertebrae of the spine, which moves the sacrum and pelvis. Thus, this motion, called the Cranial-Sacral Rhythm (CSR) can be felt throughout the body. By feeling this motion and gently assisting it, the skeletal system (including the bones of the head) comfortably realign, muscle tension releases and emotional disturbances find relief. This technique can be combined in 15 minute or half-hour inclusions with either of the above described techniques of massage or on its own, in an hour long treatment. The treatment needs the time in order for the person’s system to calm down, relax and feel the energetic shifts. You may fall asleep, also welcomed in this type of work.

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