Massage Therapies

Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage

Pressure holds, organ manipulation and compassionate techniques give the body the gift of internal health. Treatment begins on the right of the abdomen and move left clearing toxic waste and unexpressed emotions and blockages causing a shorter or unhappier life in the liver, kidneys, digestive and reproductive system. This profound system of physical and emotional healing moves blood and lymph fluid to promote bowel clearance, heal issues of the stomach and increases virility. Great do do while detoxing or processing life events.

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Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage

Lomi Lomi works with flowing strokes, gently, slowly and sometimes quickly so that the mind is unable to focus on one area of the body, making the massage a complete mind body meditation as well as evoking deep relaxation.  The receiver may set an intention for the session and the practitioner calls attention to deepen its purpose and to relax to a place where surrender occurs. Long continuous connection combined with loving touch relaxes the soul, assists in letting go of beliefs not needed, patterns and behaviours that cause limitations which are stored in the cells of the body.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Aimed at releasing knots, healing scar tissue and therapeutically opening places in the body that need work, this Swedish massage plays with balancing the deep work of the thumbs and the healing work of the hands. Its what you might ask for when you say, “I need a massage” because there is an ache in your body that won’t disappear. We often need more human connection in our lives, and this massage will meet that need with skilled understanding of physiology for athletes and others.

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Rebalancing® (Osho’s Work)

Rebalancing® brings people back into harmony with themselves, so they can live in the essential unity of body, mind and heart. It works with a unique synthesis of deep and soft connective tissue manipulation, as well as the emotions and their expression if permitted by the receiver. The concept of meditation with the treatment is also present. The giver is also at times speaking to the receiver for depth perception in the treatment and effective pinpointing and treatment of the back and neck.  Presence, meditation and body awareness are integrated – very little lotion or oil is used.

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Thai Yoga Massage

This massage is a varying sequence of manipulative techniques that will promote blood flow, increase flexibility and leave the person in complete relaxation or savasana. This Eastern technique of massage works with the body’s meridians and a stronger touch at times to increase the awareness of the receiver on where tightness can be loosened or the breath can release. The uniqueness of this style works with accupressure points , tapping, and joint release techniques.

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Cranial Sacral

Using a light touch on the client’s head and spine, cranial sacral assists in the movement of bones as cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF) flows more freely between the brain and the spinal cord. The flow of CSF can move movement of the bones of the head and vertebrae, which can heal trauma to the head or jaw, as well as place the vertebrae back into original position, before time, an accident, or repetitive or sedentary life situations have brought pain  to the client. Cranial-Sacral Rhythm (CSR) can be felt throughout the body when there is silence and space.

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