Chi Nei Tsang & Tantra Massage Retreat

Oct 18-24, 2020

December 17-23, 2021

This retreat is truly, a unique deep dive into LOVE, first and foremost.

This retreat is truly, a unique deep dive into LOVE, first and foremost.

Do we not all want more love, intimacy, touch, erotic pleasure and even healing in our personal lives?

Hell yes!

This retreat delivers a balance of learning rare massage techniques for the entire body, the belly, and for a tantric experience. You will learn both Chi Nei Tsang, Karsai Nei Tsang and get a good flavour for Tantra, both what it is through study and what is it in terms of massage of the lingham and the yoni. Super cool, right?

This unique experience in healing and community begins with our opening circle at 6pm and the experience is one you will never forget. It is created to change your perception and therefore your life.

Chi Nei Tsang Massage

Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient form of healing coming from China, recently made more popular by tantric grand Master Mantak Chia of Tao Gardens in Northern Thailand. It uses the premise that all physical aliments come from negative emotions and that these emotions are stored in the organs and glans internally. By massaging the organs in the abdomen, the stored experience and the emotion has the potential to be released, therefore having the possibility to heal deep rooted and sometimes chronic conditions for the client.


The massage is used as support for the detoxifying process of the body. When the organs are at rest from the responsibility of digesting food as when it happens when a person stops eating, a deeper detoxification can happen in the intestines, liver, kidneys, etc. The manipulation of these organs can further release the issue that the person may have been holding onto for a long time in their lives, sometimes resulting in an emotion to come up while a session is being given or in the days after in the integration stage The following is an identification of what is inside our abdomen, what gets stored where, and how we might understand the importance of regular cleanse processes and maintenance via deep Chi Nei Tsang, which can magically boost the system to regenerate or heal via the intention of the receiver and skill of the giver.

Tantra Massage

Tantra massage will also be taught in this retreat and is the next step in learning healing touch, with a focus on the tila (releasing) points in the body and on the lingham and yoni (penis and vagina, respectively). You will learn how to give a full body tantric massage, along with these other points for deeper release of pain, trauma, possibly sexual blockages. The massage is at first healing and then also pleasurable, inducing the possibility of energetic or grand-orgasm with peaks and valleys.

In women, we teach about the G, A, and K spots, as well as yoni mapping in order to heal the traumas women hold deeply and allow more pleasure to eventually come to women in love-making.

For men, tantric massage is given for greater tantric love-making abilities and more energy. A lingham massage can be an extraordinary and healing experience for a man, letting him finally be in the rare position of surrendering.

We learn how we can heal negative emotions in the organs and also in the genitals and how to reach optimal health with massage. Rituals are often incorporated into the schedule to give a sacred feel to what we are learning. Synchronicities on relating, reactions, patterns, etc. appear in the spaces on the schedule. When tantra is involved in a group gathering, the results are often sped up. It’s a unique education.

We also share often as a group to keep communication open, accepted and transparent. We aim towards overcoming fears, guilt, shame or judgement.

Daily Schedule



Practice tantric meditation and tantric and hatha yoga most mornings. Prepare yourself physically and mentally create and uphold boundaries, and to work with issues on intimacy and sexuality.



Chi Ni Tsang and Tantra Massage Training:

Go deep by learning unique, sacred work by practicing on each other and learn how to receive with trust.


899 Euro, and this includes 2 vegetarian meals and your accommodation.

Register 2 months prior to the retreat, and receive 25% off, or refer a friend, as also receive this generous offer.

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