The Tao of Tantric Yoga

A Modern-Day Approach to Tantric Discovery via sex, celibacy and something in-between

by Satyama Ratna Lasby, HBA, RYT 500 hours

The book, The tao of Tantric Yoga is a provocative and intelligent account of the study, embodiment and leadership of BOTH yoga and tantra. The study of meditation and intentional communities is also accounted for, as are the principles of meditation (such as, generosity, what you put in comes back, totality, being present in each moment, non-reaction and non-judgement as ways of living life) determines our quality of life and experiences. 

The book looks at life from the big picture, and through the real-life lessons and hurdles I have lived, one can come to their own conclusions as to what makes life valuable. For many I have spoken to while living on Koh Phangan, the truth, community, eros, depth, happiness surpass all things superficial. This is what people really long for. This book is meant to help you go deeper, beyond food, sex, money and things to obtain and tells you how to go about it. The chapters acts as tips you can master (or not, do as you wish) as big topics.

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Official Launch date:  23rd January, 2021 in Buddha Cafe, Koh Phangan

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