Tao Tantra & Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal) Massage training

The Art of Taoist Massage – for healing, health, sexual vitality and prevention of disease, tantric training, tantric yoga and meditation retreat

July 5-10, 2018

Lotus Luxury Ocean View Villa, Koh Phagnan, Thailand

Taoist Massage Training Retreats – 5 days, starting at $890 (single shared)

Participants in this retreat are blessed.  In 5 days, learn practical techniques and 36 points to cover the holds, organ manipulation, and how to generate, move and harness energy within yourself in order to be able to give these and tantric  treatments while also bringing the energy back to yourself, while learning what tantra really is!  The benefits of this massage are profound – from the physical level, it can assist with digestive and reproductive disorders. You are invited to dive deeply into this kind  of massage, known by very few professionally, to experience how a natural and meditative way of healing can truly change something for a person who may have been suffering from chronic or emotional (including sexual repression) issues for years.

What You Will Learn
Your intention is your guide into a rich experience in this retreat. This specialized training contains teachings in:
  • Teachings of pressure points and holds  in the abdomen  and internally to release tension and traumas in our intimate experiences
  • Appropriate timing of the massage, body positioning and length of each hold
  • Anatomy of the internal organs, yoni and lingham
  • Space opening and communication techniques to build trust of the receiver – for intimate partners or to become a practionner
  • How to describe and promote the benefits of Chi Nei Tsang  and Karsai Nei Tsang to people – we need this education!


Reserve your place in the course to register by paying an online deposit of 50%.

Meals and accommodations included in the retreat.

Location: Lotus Luxury View Ocean Pool Villa / Open to Bliss, Koh Phagnan, Thailand

Abdominal and Tantric Massage training

July 5-10, 2018

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Tantric Massage training reservation

Do you like Yoga? Curious about Tantra? Learn how they can be practiced and exemplified in your life in this retreat!

Question: I want to come to the Tantric Yoga retreat in July on Koh Phagnan, but I don't exactly know what I am signing up for! Is it Safe? Sexy? Fun? Authentic?    What I am looking for in a holiday with purpose?

Its all of this. Just say YES! July 5-10 at a private Villa overlooking the ocean with a salt water pool and amazing vegetrain Thai and Western food.

Tantric Yoga Retreats are the specialty of Open to Bliss and of the teacher, Satyama Ratna Lasby. The retreats focus on the combined subjects of yoga, Taoism, neo-tantra White tantra and methods of certain types of tantric massage. This is a one-of a kind offering in Koh Phagnan, an intensive yet totally immersive experience  which will use the energy of the group to experience life in a  completely transparent community. With emphasis on sublimation and energetic shifts towards the heart , the retreat has the intention to take truth and trust to a new level, while teaching authentic tantric practices for our physical, mental spiritually sexual health. 

 You Will Learn:

How to refine and harness sexual energy to be used for work, play, protection and manifestation through yoga and unique meditative practices  (Osho meditations, dynamic, kundalini, nadhabrahma, No Dimensions, vipassana and tantric touch meditations)

Kriyas and purification techniques to ready the body for a new level of healing, resolving possibly even karmic conditions.

How to sublimate lower energies both in yoga and in intimate situations in your life.

Tantric Yoga practice and the break-down of techniques will awaken your innate Life Force (Kundalini energy) changing how you see the world, and how others perceive you.

  • Asana practice in hatha, vinyasa and yin tantric awareness
  • Sexual Vitality Pranayama techniques,  Uddyiana Bandha and Nauli Kriya
  • Taoist cultivating, circulating & sublimating, Mantak Chia style
  • Masculine-Feminine Dynamics – direction and flow, how to balance your yin and your yang
  • Tibetan Tantra and use of tantric mudras 
  • Conscious communication and work on transparency, trust-building and authenticity to self, partners, other women, other men
  • Cultivating the multi-orgasmic response through touch 
  • Transfiguration and tantric moon rituals for manifestation

In the Afternoon, you will also learn about touch:

How to create and hold sacred space for Chi Nei Tsang , tantric and non-tantric massage

Tila touch points, plus the appropriate time to spend on which points to remove blocks in the body

De-armouring of the abdomen and sexual organs

How to remove unconscious mental protection barriers and cultural conditioning through communication 

How this profound type of massage heals

A woman’s internal potential through the body – A, G, K spot inductions, plus Taoist breast massage

Men's mapping and trust

The retreat is open to singles and couples, so that we  can learn this for each other. 

A survey is done with each person registering for the retreat so that the retreat is designed for the interests of the group.

Email? Send one! info@opentobliss.com